Game 1 Paul Kirby (Marple) v Phil RAMSEY (East Cheshire)

An exciting game, played in the Stockport League's 2nd Division in January 2013, between Paul Kirby (177, Marple B) and East Cheshire's A-team Captain Phil Ramsey (166). It is a good example of the fierce and exciting play which can result from the King's Indian Defence.  In particular, it demonstrates how unwise it is to desert your king while pursuing a queen's side attack.

Game 2 Tudor gives up his Queen

Here is a win of Tudor's playing for our A team against Macclesfield A in 2011.
One thing for King's Indian players to note is that Tudor's move order allowed White to transpose to the Pirc (playing e4 without c4.) If you want to avoid this you should play 2. ... g6 so that you can reply to 3. Nc3 with d5.
Now over to Tudor.
The game involves a bishop sacrifice as only way to keep attack going. Then I found a nice queen sacrifice which was not just a variation of a known one.
The interesting thing for me was the very thematic way the game unfolded with black backing the Q side pawn storm against white’s superior centre. ICC analysis suggests white was always slightly ahead until 21 Ka3 (Kb1 leaves black having to find a win for his pressure and B sac. ).
During last few moves I was trying to get all my pieces coordinated into attack. I had noticed possibilities of Bf8 pinning White’s Queen but it did not quite work. Only then did I look for something better and noticed the very satisfying Queen sac (which seems a bit more obvious after the game.)

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