The 70th AGM was held on Wednesday 17th May 2017 at the Cheadle Hulme Institute, commencing at 7:40p.m. Twelve members were present: Geoff Clarke, Myles Heywood, Steve McCall, Roy Taylor, Steve Kelly, Jim McKie, David Taylor, Paul Bamford, Geoff Smith, Keith Hodgson, Dave Harris and Tudor Rickards

  1. Apologies. Apologies were received from Roger Beswick, John Reed & Bill Tait.
  2. Minutes of the 69th AGM (18th May 2016) were approved without change and signed by Geoff Clarke as Chairman.
  3. Matters arising.


     4.     Adoption of a constitution

This proposal, brought by Steve Kelly, was discussed by the meeting. Geoff Clarke expressed the wish that a constitution should be as simple as possible. Steve Kelly agreed that it should be something there was only ever generally a need to consult once a year, at the time of the AGM. Dave Harris opined that it would provide a useful framework.

A vote was then taken on the proposal that a constitution of some kind should be introduced (i.e. there was no resolution at this point as to what the content of this constitution should be). This motion was proposed by Steve Kelly, and seconded by Tudor Rickards. The result was a unanimous vote to introduce a constitution.

At this point, the meeting reviewed the draft constitution which Steve Kelly had created – included in this file here:


After some further discussion, a motion was proposed by Myles Heywood, and seconded by Steve Kelly, that the draft constitution should be adopted with the following changes:

  • Point 3a to be amended to remove the words ‘and two other members’.
  • Point 3b to be amended to change the quorum from three to two.
  • Point 4 defining the dates of the Club’s year to be removed.
  • Point 7c viii (as was) to be amended to remove the words ‘a President and’.

This motion was passed unanimously, and the amended constitution thereby adopted. The version thereby adopted is included in this file here:





    5.      Presentation of trophies.

The winner of the Matchplay Trophy for 2016-2017 was Bill Tait (64% from 7 games), with Paul Bamford (61% from 14 games) as runner-up for the second successive year. As Bill was unable to attend the AGM, he had been presented with his trophy the previous week. Paul was now warmly congratulated as he collected his trophy.


The winner of the Kellett Trophy was Roger Beswick (an enormous 73 points). As Roger was on holiday, Geoff Clarke will take the trophy round to Roger’s house. Geoff Clarke was runner-up and collected his trophy. The winners were congratulated warmly.


    6.       Treasurer's Report. Bill Tait had provided detailed accounts for the past year since the previous AGM to Myles Heywood in advance of the meeting (which Myles had verified). Copies had been provided to all at the beginning of the meeting.


Geoff Clarke explained on Bill’s behalf that the engraving costs for the trophies just presented were not included in these accounts – the engraving costs for the previous season were instead. This follows the convention of previous seasons, and is a result of the need to pay these costs after the accounts have been finalised for the year. Otherwise, the accounts were up-to-date.


Paul Bamford asked what the item entitled ‘member retirement 2016’ or £10 was in relation to. Myles clarified that this related to the cost the previous summer of creating the certificate which had been prepared by Ian Vaughan and presented to Roy Burrows on behalf of the club, in recognition of his many years of service to the club.


A motion to accept the accounts as presented was proposed by Geoff Clarke and seconded by David Taylor. This motion was passed by a unanimous vote.


These accounts are included in this file here:




The question of who should be the future signatories of the club’s account was then raised. It was agreed that whereas the signatories to that point had been the Treasurer and the Secretary, this should now be extended to include the Chair also, with 2 of these 3 signatures required for any expenditure. A motion to this effect was proposed by Geoff Clarke and seconded by Geoff Smith.



         7.     Team Captains' Reports on the 2016-2017 season.

The A-team Captain, Dave Newell, was unable to attend the meeting. It was noted that the A-team had again had a tough season, being often faced with significant grading disadvantages, and had ended up last in Division 1. Next season, the A-team should ordinarily be relegated to Division 2, but eventual changes in the make-up of the divisions, and the possibility that Macclesfield B may be reluctant to take up its rightful place in Division 1 having won Division 2, may provide an opportunity for the A-team to stay in Division 1 if the A-team players wish.

With Dave Newell wishing to not continue as A-team captain, a new captain will be needed. Myles Heywood suggested that having two co-captains might be an effective way of sharing the work. Myles will e-mail the A-team regulars to ask for volunteers to do this.




The B-team Captain, Paul Bamford reported that the team was knocked out in the first round of the President’s Cup 3-2 in a tough match. The first league match of the season resulted in a loss by 4 ½ - 1 ½ to Altrincham, after which the team won four matches in a row! It was only in the penultimate match of the season, a narrow 3 ½ - 2 ½ loss to Marple, that promotion became out of reach, though the team still finished runners up in the division, just 3 points behind the winners, Macclesfield B. Though Paul thought that the strength of the division this year was not as high as in previous years, the rest of the meeting agreed this was an excellent achievement in a division where the B-team has tended to struggle.

The C-team Captain, Steve McCall, reported that the team had a fantastic start to the season, winning each of the first four games of the season, with the first setback of the season only coming with a loss to a strong Wilmslow team. Bill Tait was missed after his move away from the area and his strong form in the early part of the season. Paul, Myles, David Taylor and Steve Kelly had provided the backbone of the squad, with Geoff Clarke, Geoff Smith and Keith Hodgson also playing a few games, and Jim was a very dependable Board 1. The team finished the season in a very respectable 2nd position.

The Captain of our Limit League team (Keith Hodgson), which played in the Stockport grade-Limit League, reported as follows:

“A poor start to the beginning of the season suffering a heavy  3 -1 defeat against Denton was quickly overcome winning our next  match against Stockport  2½ - 1½. Now back on track to continue our previous seasonal successes unfortunately was not to be. After competing in some very hard and well fought matches thereafter saw us winning only one more match against Macclesfield 2½ - 1½ and drawing only 2 matches overall  out of a total of 9 matches played.

From the dizzy heights of success since its inception of 4 years ago East Cheshire limit league now tastes the bitter flavour of defeat with the accolade of coming fourth in the league of 4 teams. This however must not overshadow the enthusiasm and tenacity of all the team players who had individual successes despite their occasional defeats and I must thank them all for their support in taking part

I mentioned in my last report that the number of qualifying players for this division was down to 10 which at the time did not give me cause for concern. However this season I did from time to time struggle to vary my team selection on two fronts.

A)    There were only 7  players at the beginning of  this season (then 8 after new year) I could call upon to play  in the team and who were qualified to be selected whose grading fell within the criteria set by the league ie 120  or below

B)    Ensuring my board team selection did not exceed 400 did however pose a problem when selecting my limited number of players whose gradings in some case where over 100

I am hopeful that for next season more player members will be available to play in this league which lends itself to team match play experience for the higher divisions. 

Despite these concerns I am happy to report that no board was defaulted and a 100% record of attendance for each match was maintained and I once again thank those team members for their loyalty and support

In closing I am prepared to continue captaining this league for next season.”

Given the difficulties Keith described regarding team selection, Myles Heywood enquired whether proposing a relaxation of one of the grading-based selection constraints might help. Keith suggested that raising the grading limit for the team as a whole from 400 to 450 might well help. Myles Heywood will e-mail Neil Dainty, Secretary of the Stockport & District Chess League to ask whether this proposal can/should be floated at the league AGM next Monday 22nd May, though it is believed that a final discussion amongst the clubs, and agreement on adopting this proposal or not, should happen at the league’s fixtures meeting in September.

Paul Bamford and Steve McCall have also kindly agreed to continue next season as B-team and C-team captains respectively.

David Taylor proposed a vote of thanks for all the captains, seconded by Jim McKie. This was unanimously supported.


     8.       Election of Officers.


The following officers were unanimously elected to their proposed posts:

  • Secretary: Dave Harris (replacing Myles Heywood). Proposed by David Taylor, seconded by Keith Hodgson
  • Treasurer: Steve Kelly (replacing Bill Tait). Proposed by Tudor Rickards, seconded by Keith Hodgson.


It was agreed that the position of Chair should be discussed at the end of the meeting.


In addition, it was agreed the club competitions and tournaments should continue in their current format next season, and would be run by the following people:

  • Kellett: Geoff Clarke
  • Matchplay: Jim McKie
  • Rapidplays at the social evenings: David Taylor initially, with Steve Kelly to assist initially before taking this role on himself


Dave Harris will attempt to do the website updates, but may need to seek help from others. Publicity to be dealt with by Tudor Rickards.


In view of the stipulation in the newly-adopted constitution that there should now be an auditor, Jim McKie was proposed for this role by David Taylor, and seconded by Myles Heywood, and unanimously elected.


    9.       Summer Chess. Given the club’s positive experience last summer of the Stockport Rapidplay Summer League organized by Peter Taylor (Stockport Chess Club), and with the competition again taking place this summer, it was agreed that there was sufficient interest for the club to again enter two teams of 4 players, captained by Steve McCall and David Taylor

Geoff Smith also expressed an interest in attending the club for an alternative of friendly “patient play” games.

Given this combined interest, a motion was proposed by Myles Heywood, and seconded by Steve Kelly, that the club should be opened 6 times or more over the summer, as required by the awaited schedule for the rapidplay league, with those who wish to play paying £5 by cheque or in cash, to cover their attendance as many times as they wish during this period. The club will then reopen on the 1st Wednesday in September, as in previous years.

This motion was unanimously carried.

Contrary to last summer, there will be no “pay-as-you-go” facility offered for players to pay a certain smaller amount than £5 each time they attend.


         10.  Position of Chair

With Geoff Clarke wishing to now stand down from this position, he proposed that David Taylor succeed him in this role, effective at the conclusion of the meeting. This motion was seconded by Paul Bamford, and was unanimously agreed.


           11.    Any Other Business.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.12 p.m.