Stockport Rapidplay - Sunday 28th Jan 2018

A few of us made it down the road for the typically smoothly-run 1-day Stockport Rapidplay event last Sunday. We were best-represented (only in the sense most numerous!) in the Intermediate section with 4 club members participating. No spectacular results and no great catastrophes, with myself (Myles), Paul, Steve Mc and Tudor all finishing somewhere in the middle.

Meanwhile, in the other hall (the room for the "grown-up" players?), John and Jim were playing in the Open and Major respectively, and were heavily outgraded – John even had a GM for company! - but seemed to be having fun ducking, weaving and at least nicking the odd draw.

Further 1-day rapidplays will be taking place at Leyland (late February) and Crewe (mid-May) - for details on these and weekend standard play congresses in the region, click here: Events


Paul Bamford wins at Crewe Chess Congress

Apparently a man for all seasons and time controls, Paul Bamford notched his second tournament win of the year at the Crewe Chess Congress in the middle weekend of October 2016, following on from his performance at the Leyland Rapidplay in February (see below). Paul was taking part in the Intermediate section (for players graded below 135), again winning outright and again for the loss of just half a point with an outstanding score of 5 ½ out of 6. This time it was a weekend congress, with players getting 1hr 40 minutes plus increments for each game. 

Well done again Paul!


Club Competitions 2016-2017

As agreed at the AGM on May 18th 2016, the club will run two seasonal competitions, namely (1) the Kellett Trophy Challenge Cup, with rules unchanged from 2015-2016 (see notice board), and (2) the Matchplay Competition, based on wins, draws and losses by individual members in their team matches against other clubs in the Stockport League.

East Cheshire Victory at Leyland Rapidplay

Leyland Chess club hold at least 2 events each year at Welland College in Leyland. Yesterday was their annual rapidplay competition and East Cheshire fielded 5 players: 2 in the Major event and another 3 in the Intermediate tournament.
There were 27 entries into the Intermediate event, graded Paul Bamford won with an outstanding 5 1/2 points out of 6. In his single drawn game he was ahead however neither player had enough time on their clocks to win. Paul, who likes to be known as a semi-professional, was rewarded with a cheque for his efforts.
We all enjoyed the day and I can recommend it to members as it was extremely well run and kept to time.

Bill and Myles - February 2016


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