Membership of East Cheshire Chess Club

East Cheshire Chess Club currently has around twenty-four players on its membership list, but the premises and club activities would easily accommodate more. So if you are interested in playing, whether just friendly matches or in club competitions, all played on Wednesday evenings throughout the year, or if you are keen for a team place to play in inter-club matches, come along one evening and make yourself known, or contact Dave Harris (Tel: 0161 440 0369, Email: daveat2km 'at' hotmail 'dot' co 'dot' uk) for further information. Membership fees for the period September 1st 2018 to mid-May 2019 are £20 for adults (£10 if under-16 on 1st September).

The club reopens after the summer break on the first Wednesday in September.  We plan to hold a social evening early in the autumn, when a light-hearted all-play-all competition of 10-minute games will be held.

The point to emphasize is that you are very welcome to come along and try us out for a couple of evenings.  Don't be put off by the quiet atmosphere, the battles taking place across the boards can be both exciting and informative!  If you feel unsure whether your standard of play is good enough, come along anyway and we will try and help you to improve your game.  Playing chess on the internet or against your computer is OK  -  but chess is much more fun when you can see your opponent across the board!


Membership of the English Chess Federation

All club members wishing to take part in inter-club team matches need to join, or already be a paid-up member of, the English Chess Federation (ECF) at least to the level of Bronze membership (as of September 2018, this is £16 p.a. for adults, £9.50 p.a. for Juniors).  This cost is NOT included in the subscriptions for adults and juniors shown above.  If you wish to join the ECF then please go to their website at

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