Application to join East Cheshire Chess Club

Please disregard this page, as the online application facility is not currently available. Instead, please fill in a paper copy of the application form which you can be issued with at any club night.  Return it with your subscription to the Club Secretary or the Club Treasurer.


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TYPE A. Those intending to play for us in the Stockport Chess League, who are already ECF members or who will join the ECF on-line independently:  subscription £20 for adults, £10 for under-16s.  Such players must, on payment of their subscription, supply a valid ECF membership number (NB this is NOT the same as the number assigned to you by the ECF for grading purposes).

TYPE B.  Social membership, intended for those not competing in inter-club League matches, subscription also £20 for adults, £10 for under-16s.

TYPE C.  No longer applicable - please ignore!

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