Gradings List for our Registered Members

Listed below are the August 2016 ECF (English Chess Federation) grades for club members we will register with the Stockport Chess League for the 2016-2017 season.  Grades are calculated after each game a player completes in a league match, and from results of games in ECF-registered chess congresses/competitions.

The calculation is as follows:  take your opponent's grade and add 50 to it if you won, or substract 50 points from it if you lost (if the game was drawn, use your opponent's grade).  However, those calculations assume that your opponent's grade is never more than 40 points above, or below, your grade; so if your grade is only 90 and your opponent's is 150, take his grade to be 130 (90+40) in the calculation of  your grade after the game. Similarly, if your grade is 150 and your opponent's 90, take his as 110 (150-40). After this adjustment add 50 to it if you won, or substract 50 points from it if you lost (if the game was drawn, use your opponent's grade). Your cumulative grade is then the average of all such calculations (minimum of 9 games).

As the season progresses the table below will also show the number of games played, the percentage results for each player,  and a calculation (carried out by our Secretary) of their current performance, based on these results and the ECF grades of their opponents at registration in September.

Please note that all the grades of active players are now updated by the English Chess Federation twice annually, in July and January.  The values shown in column 3 of the table were taken from the ECF gradings website in July 2015.   You can visit this website yourself at and search by player's name or obtain a listing of any chess club's players.


Our Members' ECF Grades 2016-2017

Note that your name may not be shown here if you are not a member of the English Chess Federation


ECF GRADE in Aug 2016

Current Performance

Matches Played% 
Reed, John S 190315K 181        
Tranter, Steve 287262G 180        
Brindle, Geoffrey 209413H 165        
Ramsey, Philip 165740K 162        
Newell, David F 116151K 160        
Newell, Kieran J 136119D 150        
Holton, Keven R 133616C 142        
Broadbent, David 904269G 139        
Rickards, Tudor 241473K 139        
Taylor, David R 222005C 134        
Heywood, Myles 240791H 132        
McCall, Steve D 305562A 130        
Kelly, Steve 306978D 130        
McKie, Jim M 147858J 129        
Tait, Bill 281332E 125        
Bamford, Paul 180149B 123        
Flaherty, Nicholas C 185583K 113        
Cooke, Edwin 288742D 107        
Hodgson, Keith 222909C 99        
Clarke, Geoffrey 108433B 95        
Smith, Geoff M 119235J 86        
Chandley, Duncan CW 108209H 85        
Harris, David 166330G 80        
Pease, Arnold 295111D 69        

Our Members


We welcome several new members who have joined recently:

Steve McCall, Steven Kelly and Amran Hussain

We look forward to their continued active participation in the club.  We also hope that Sion Howells, who was an active club member in the past, will be rejoining the club next season after several years absence.