Team matches against other clubs

Like most of the chess clubs in this area, we compete against other clubs in the Stockport  Chess League  during the normal season from September to May annually.  In 2016-2017 we fielded four teams - one in each of the first, second, third and limit divisions of the Stockport League.  Usually this involves each team playing five or six other clubs twice annually, once at home and once at the opposing club's venue.  Other clubs in the League range from Buxton and Holmes Chapel to Denton and Urmston, so that some travelling is involved for away matches.  The A and B teams consist of six players, the C team consists of five players, and the Limit League team consists of four players.

It's good to play in a team: you play a variety of people, make new friends, and the team spirit increases everyone's enthusiasm and desire to win.  Our strongest players have grades between 130 and 180 (these are ECF ratings), and compete in the higher divisions of the League, but most club players with grades of over 50 play in some team games if they want to.  Don't know your grade?  That's not a problem!  Just come along a few times, play one or two club members, and they will estimate your grade for matchplay. 


in 2017-2018 we are not fielding an A-team in the Stockport League, and its fixtures for the season have been cancelled.  Our B-team continues in Division 2 of the League, our C-team in Division 3, and our Limit League team also competes as in 2016-17.


Dates of Fixtures

Team captains from all the clubs meet at the annual League Fixtures Meeting in mid-September and fix the dates for inter-club matches.   The dates of these fixtures are then displayed on this website and the Stockport League website:

Details of club venues are also given on the league website, and car-sharing is often practised to minimise petrol usage.


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