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Gambit Bamford claims another victim

Posted on: December 19th, 2010 by Phil Ramsey

Our B team narrowly lost to Stockport C on Thursday night but Paul at least had some fun with his game.

Playing yet another gambit Paul managed to win in 11 moves!
Here is how it happened with Paul’s comments:

Ouch! (ECA vs Stockport C)

Posted on: December 9th, 2010 by Phil Ramsey

Ooof that hurt!

ECA can crashing back down to earth with a painful defeat to Stockport C. Stockport’s captain had observed our lofty league position and decided to do the other teams in the league a favour by fielding his strongest team. Although grading-wise we were about equal most of us just weren’t at our best last night. Here is the damage:
1. Graham Ball 1-0 J Mason (153)
Graham defended the Advance French and played solidly, reaching an opposite bishops endgame where he was slightly better. Our resident endgame wizard then steadily outplayed his opponent to take the full point.
2. Phil Ramsey 0-1 A Coe (148)
Oh dear. This was one of those games where I couldn’t find a good plan, dithered for a few moves and missed most of my opponent’s threats. Trying the English opening I didn’t get anything special from the opening and then allowed a sudden attack against my King. Hopefully my brain will work better next Wednesday!
3. Dave Newall 0.5-0.5 P King (146)
Dave gave his good old Dutch Leningrad another outing. However his opponent seemed to know how to meet it (it is rumoured that Stockport has a database of all our openings!) Dave sacrificed a couple of exchanges for in order to get two very powerful Bishops but then offered a draw after his opponent defended well.
4. Keven Holton 0-1 L Smith (146)
Keven had the chance to play against his favourite opening – the Modern Defence. However after castling Queenside his opponents attack came first and Keven was left about 4 pawns down.
5. Dave Broadbent 0-1 V Rushworth (139)
Another Black, another French for Dave. However his opponent played well and Dave ended up with a thoroughly miserable position, resigning shortly after the time control.
6. David Taylor 0-1 D Preen (131)
David, playing his favourite Reti, seemed to get a pleasant enough position from the opening but then went astray and ended up a piece for a pawn down. His opponent made hard work of winning but eventually forced David’s resignation.
The B team play Stockport C next week. Good luck!

Frozen but Victorious in Denton

Posted on: December 2nd, 2010 by Phil Ramsey

Last night ECA braved the snow and the cold to take on Denton at their venue in Guide Bridge. Unfortunately the playing venue was little warmer than outside as the heating had only just gone on. Therefore we were all hoping for some “fire on board” to warm things up. Here is what happened:

1. Graham Ball 0-1 Dave Toole
Graham was outplayed by the in-form Toole who clearly has been playing the Black side of the Sicilian Najdorf longer than Graham has been taking it on.
2. Phil Ramsey 1-0 John Lysons
John played his favourite Smith-Morra gambit against my Sicilian. However I didn’t fancy defending for two hours so I declined it and played for a solid position. John didn’t come up with any ways to trouble me and I gradually built up a Queenside attack and then won the endgame.
3. Dave Newell 0.5-0.5 Kamran Ahmadi
Playing his favourite Dutch Reversed Dave managed to trap his opponents Knight. A quick win then? Maybe not as his opponent wriggled and squirmed like an eel. Dave was eventually easily winning but had only seconds left on his clock. Dave then lost on time but Kamran only had his King left which meant the result was a draw due to insufficient mating material.
4. Keven Holton 0-1 Dave Holt
Keven achieved a solid position in the Scandinavian Defence but went astray in time trouble.
5. David Taylor 1-0 Stan Bradley
David played his normal Reti but both players seemed reluctant to advance past the halfway line! Stan spent rather too long thinking and eventually froze while in time trouble, allowing his flag to fall. David was winning anyway apparently.
6. Alan Stokes 1-0 Dave Cook
Playing the Sicilian Alan stirred up complications that were too much for Dave to handle and Alan quickly won a piece and then the game.
So a 3.5 – 2.5 victory for ECA! That is 6 out of 6 for ECA!

ECB close to revenge

Posted on: November 25th, 2010 by Phil Ramsey

Last night the second leg of the ECA vs ECB dual was played. This time it was closer and ECB were only one win away from drawing the match. Here is how it went:

1. John Reed 1-0 Keven Holton
Keven bravely allowed John to play his favourite Queen’s Gambit Exchange opening and had little to do except sit back and wait for John to break through which he eventually did.
2. Graham Ball 1-0 Dave Broadbent
Playing the Nimzo-Indian defence Graham picked up a pawn in the late middlegame and duly won the endgame.
3. Phil Ramsey 1-0 David Taylor
I avoided David’s home preparation by playing the English opening – a first for me. I built up a strong position and when David only had a few seconds for his last four moves he unwittingly exchanged into a lost endgame.
4. Alan Stokes 0-1 Tudor Rickards
In another Nimzo Indian Alan won a pawn early on and built up a winning position but lost his way in the allegro finish.
5. Paul Bamford 0-1 Geoff Clarke
Once again Paul whipped out his favourite Danish Gambit but Geoff defended carefully and finally exchanged into an equal ending. Paul declined a draw offer and then resigned when he felt the game was drifting away from him.
6. Bill Tait 1-0 Ian Vaughan
We unveiled Bill as our secret weapon on board 6 and he delivered the goods by winning a couple of pawns and then a piece in a Caro Cann.
So another win for ECA but we have Denton B away next Wednesday – yikes!

ECA shows its class

Posted on: November 18th, 2010 by Phil Ramsey

On a dark frigid night in East Cheshire a momentous event occurred. Two East Cheshire teams met in the league for the first time in living memory. The A team needed to continue their promotion drive while the B team needed to stay clear of the relegation zone. Here is how the games went:

1. John Reed 0.5-0.5 Keven Holton
John played the sharp Schliemann gambit in the Ruy Lopez. Keven played solidly however and kept his extra pawn into the endgame. He then made a generous draw offer which John couldn’t really refuse.
2. Graham Ball 1-0 Dave Broadbent
Graham sacrificed a pawn for development in the Advance French but Dave played carefully and was soon a pawn up with an attack. However in time trouble he gave Graham too much counterplay and Graham mopped up a few loose pawns.
3. Phil Ramsey 1-0 David Taylor
This game was predictably a Reti vs Kings Indian. However David broke a chess rule by pushing a pawn where he was being attacked and soon lost a pawn. I held on to my extra pawn and won the endgame.
4. Dave Newell 1-0 Tudor Rickards
Tudor played the Kings Indian but ended up with a very passive position and Dave’s Queenside pressure soon brought home the bacon.
5. Alan Stokes 1-0 Geoff Clarke
Geoff sacrificed a piece for an attack but Alan managed to survive and win the endgame.
6. Paul Bamford 1-0 Bill Tait
Paul ‘Gambit’ Bamford found another gambit system against the Caro Cann. Bill unwisely accepted and ended up far behind in development. Bill was unable to fend off the ensuing attack.
So a comfortable 5.5 – 0.5 win for the A team. However many of the games were closely fought, particularly on the top four boards, and the result could have been very different.
ECB get their chance for revenge next Wednesday in the return fixture.

Bramhall put up a fight

Posted on: November 16th, 2010 by Phil Ramsey

ECA continued their good start to the season last night with another win, this time over Bramhall.

Bramhall, one of the weaker teams in the division, were heavily outgraded but they made us fight for the points and we eventually won 4.5 – 1.5.
Here is how it unfolded:
1. John Reed 1-0 Peter Thursfield (134)
Playing his favourite system against the Nimzo Indian Defence John soon won a piece and then the game with a raging attack.
2. Graham Ball 1-0 Nicholas Flaherty (125)
On the Black side of a Torre attack Graham tempted his opponent to over-extend himself and then mopped up a piece.
3. Phil Ramsey 0.5-0.5 Keith Hodgson (108)
I was expecting an easy game against a lower rated player but he played a solid Philidor’s Defence – an opening I have very little experience of playing. I built up a good position but threw away my advantage in the time scramble and had to fight for the draw in a rook endgame.
4. Dave Broadbent 0-1 Hartley Oldham (101)
It is hard to beat low-rated players who keep making good moves! On the Black side of an Old Benoni Dave had a slightly cramped position and then loosened his kingside too much allowing his opponent a stinging attack.
5. Keven Holton 1-0 Duncan Chandley (86)
Keven played the Exchange Ruy Lopez and soon won a couple of pawns with some accurate moves.
6. David Taylor 1-0 Geoff Smith (71)
Playing a sort of Queen’s Indian Defense David soon had a more active position and then used his pressure to win a pawn and then the endgame. David has continued his good form from last season. Let’s hope he has a bad night on Wednesday when he plays me!
Next up our own East Cheshire B this Wednesday.

East Cheshire Ship Shape at Wilmslow

Posted on: November 9th, 2010 by Phil Ramsey

East Cheshire marched into the semi-finals of the Charnley Cup with a 5-1 victory at Wilmslow. We were able to field almost our strongest line-up and Wilmslow were unable to keep up with the pace. Here is how things worked out:

1. C Guffogg (126) 1-0 John Reed
London System vs Chigorin? Didn’t see much of this one as it ended early when John blundered in a solid position.
2. R Warhurst (122) 0-1 Graham Ball
If Robin had done his homework he would have known not to play the French Defence against a world expert in that opening! Graham won a piece in the early middle game and the game was soon over.
3. M Palmer (114) 0-1 Phil Ramsey
Playing the London system against my King’s Indian Defence my opponent decided to sacrifice a piece early on for some fun against my king rather than be ground down! Unfortunately for him he then accidentally sacrificed another piece and I managed to finish the game with a nice piece storm against his king.
4. A Flynn (109) 0-1 Dave Newell
Dave’s trusty Bird’s opening came good with a Kingside pawn storm that swept away all before it.
5. C Jackson (108) 0-1 David Taylor
On the Black side of a symmetrical English David built up an active position and then unleashed a fearsome combination to win a pawn and the exchange. Game of the night I think.
6. M Garvin (84) 0-1 Tudor Rickards
Playing the Queen’s Gambit Tudor soon won a pawn and then easily ground out the win in the endgame.
On to the semi-finals where we will probably meet Holmes Chapel! That match may be a teeny bit harder…

ECA Marches On

Posted on: October 14th, 2010 by Phil Ramsey

Another match, another victory for ECA!

I was expecting a tough match against Altrincham but it turns out that their captain only remembered about the match the night before and so had to cobble a team together at the last minute.
Their weakness showed as we stomped over them 6.0!
Here is how we stacked up:
1. John R (169) 1 – 0 D. Merryfield (142)
2. Phil R (155) 1 – 0 D. Hughes (130)
3. Dave N (154) 1 – 0 K Linke (124)
4. Keven H (142) 1 – 0 C McNulty (121)
5. Tudor (137) 1 – 0 C McCoy (93)
6. Paul B (132) 1 – 0 S Ward (86)
John as Black had to grind down a stodgy Colle System but eventually managed to loosen up his opponent’s King and win a pawn.
I was on the White side of a solid Ruy Lopez and won first a pawn and then a piece as my opponent misplayed his position.
Dave’s opponent will not win any awards for subtlety as he attempted a version of Scholar’s mate against the Sicilian. Fortunately Dave saw the threat and refuted his opponent’s ridiculous opening!
Keven’s success with 1. e4 continued as he quickly won material with his closed system against the Sicilian Defence. I’m glad that the London system has been abandoned for now!
Tudor’s game started (if I am not mistaken) 1.e4 d5 2. Qe2 ?!! I’m not sure what his opponent had been smoking but Tudor had no problem getting a full point out of this one.
Paul played the ultra-aggresive Danish Gambit and seemed to be more material up every time I looked at his game. Nice work but not every game in Division II will be as easy.
Well played and next up is Urmston in the cup at home on Wed 27th Oct.

October East Cheshire Rapidplay

Posted on: October 7th, 2010 by Phil Ramsey

On Wednesday 6th October East Cheshire held their first early season club rapidplay.

Fourteen members turned out and after 6 rounds Phil Ramsey was the winner with 6/6. Paul Bamford won the 135 and under grading prize with 3.5.
John only lost his game to me after accidentally dropping his Queen where I could take it! Otherwise things might have been very different.
Here are all the scores:
1st – P Ramsey – 6
2nd – J Reed – 4.5
3rd – T Rickards – 4
4th = – D Newell – 3.5
P Bamford
6th = – D Broadbent – 3
M Cunnane
K Holton
A Stokes
D Taylor
11th – I Vaughan – 2
12th – G Clarke – 1.5
13th = - R Burrows – 1
B Tait

East Cheshire A vs Macclesfield A

Posted on: September 30th, 2010 by Phil Ramsey

Our first match of the season was against potential title contenders Macclesfield.

Thankfully we were able to field a strong team and beat them 4.5 – 1.5!
Here are the details:
1. John Reed 0 – 1 A Soames
John had a great position on the Black side of an Albin Counter Gambit and had Soames on the ropes but then blundered. Bad luck.
2. Phil Ramsey 1- 0 P Cattermole
I was in my normal time trouble but started to get a nice position at about move 30. Cattermole started to think a lot and lost on time just as he made his 36th move! A harsh way for him to lose but I decided to claim the win for the sake of the team (and my grade!) The final position was better for me anyway.
3. Dave Newell 0.5 – 0.5 G Laurence
A solid draw from Dave on the Black side of a Dutch Leningrad. Great to see Dave back in the team again.
4. Keven Holton 1 – 0 V Kumar
A victorious return to 1.e4 for Keven. In an open Sicilian his opponent blundered a pawn early on and Keven pressed home his advantage mercilessly.
5. Dave Broadbent 1 – 0 D Lobo
On the Black side of an advance French Dave won a pawn early on but then had to offer a draw as his opponent had some threats. However his opponent needed a win for the sake of the team and played on – bad idea!
6. Alan Stokes 1 – 0 M Jouannet
Find a name for this opening: 1. d4 c5 2. Nf3 f5! The Benoni – Dutch? Whatever the name, Alan did a good job of exposing its flaws!
Well done guys! Next up Altrincham at home in two weeks.

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