C team home v Ashton wed 17th oct

Posted on: October 20th, 2012 by Bill Tait

East Cheshire v Ashton

1 Bill Tait 1 – 0 T Chatys

2 Geoff Clarke 0 – 1 G Chatys

3 Hartley Oldham 1/2 – 1/2 A Abbas

4 Duncan Chandley 0 – 1 S Hayman

5 Roy Burrows 0 – 1 K Ye

Match Result East Cheshire 1 1/2 – Ashton 3 1/2

A good night’s chess. Roy spoke warmly about his 8yr old opponent who played swiftly and impressed Roy. Duncan had a winning position when I looked and then somehow had the tables turned on him by another young opponent – hard luck!

I think Hartley was relieved to get a draw and I managed a winning end game to defeat one member of the Chatys family. Geoff C played the elder Chatys and after being up against it suddenly scared his opponent with a strong attack on his K at the end. Despite his flourish ….it wasn’t to be and he eventually had to resign.



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