BEC 4.5 Heywood 1.5

Posted on: July 5th, 2012 by Phil Ramsey

BEC got the season off to a great start last night with a comprehensive victory over Heywood.

Edwin and Andy won pretty quickly and then Dave B won to give us at least a draw. David’s half point gave us the match and I managed to get away with some pretty dodgy play as Black and eventually win on time.

Here is the scorecard:

1. Phil 1-0 J Carrington (151)
2. David T 0.5-0.5 B Parkin (116)
3. Dave B 1-0 I Mitchell (110)
4. Keith 0-1 D Thorp (102)
5. Edwiin 1-0 M Lally (77)
6. Andy 1-0 B Thompson (UG)

I expect we will meet stronger teams in Division C but this was a good start.

And just for fun here is my position after 27 moves each:

I expect my “6 pawns attack” to pay rich dividends in future!

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