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Another victim of the system

Posted on: August 15th, 2009 by Phil Ramsey
While most of East Cheshire Chess Club have been sunning themselves in various parts of Europe our top player John Reed has been honing his opening system (which he kindly shared with us in a number of recent lectures) in France.
Here is another Queen’s Gambit Declined steamroller with notes by John:
My opponent is an up and coming Azerbaijani junior who plays in France rated about 2000 ELO. The opening is simliar to the Queen’s Gambit exchange. Note the standard metod of nullifying his early kingside attack. I prat around a bit on moves 21 to 23 but then it is amazing how quick the game collapses after g4 and Rg1. I don’t think g4 is a great computer move but deserves a ! for unsettling the game at a crucial point.
JR – R Kasimanali
1.d4 d5
2. c4 e6
3. Nc3 Be7 (avoids many openings)

4 Bf4 Nf6
5. e3 0-0
6. cxd exd
7. Bd3 c6
8. Qc2 a5
9. N1e2 Na6
10. a3 Nc7 (this is a modern way of deploying the Queen’s Knight)

11. 0-0 Ne6
12. Bg3 h6
13. f3 Nh5
14. Bf2 Bd6
15. e4 (probably too soon)
15. … Nhf4
16. e5 Nxd3
17. Qxd3 Be7
18. f4 f5 (Black Knight on e6 now crucial piece)
19. h3 b6
20. Kh1 Ba6
21. Qf3 Ra7 Black has nice position.
22. Rc1(prevaricating) Rd7
23. Rfe1 Rc7
24. g4 Kh7
25. Rg1 g6 starting to lose the thread
26. Rg2 b5
27. gxf gxf? better Rf5 ( I will attack the king, you try to win on Qside!)
28. Rcg1 (it’s going)
28. … b4 (too late)
29. Rg6 Rf7
30. Qh5 ouch Bf8
31. Re6 bxc3
32. Qg6 1 – 0
Let’s hope for some similar crushes in the Stockport league this season!

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