ECB close to revenge

Posted on: November 25th, 2010 by Phil Ramsey

Last night the second leg of the ECA vs ECB dual was played. This time it was closer and ECB were only one win away from drawing the match. Here is how it went:

1. John Reed 1-0 Keven Holton
Keven bravely allowed John to play his favourite Queen’s Gambit Exchange opening and had little to do except sit back and wait for John to break through which he eventually did.
2. Graham Ball 1-0 Dave Broadbent
Playing the Nimzo-Indian defence Graham picked up a pawn in the late middlegame and duly won the endgame.
3. Phil Ramsey 1-0 David Taylor
I avoided David’s home preparation by playing the English opening – a first for me. I built up a strong position and when David only had a few seconds for his last four moves he unwittingly exchanged into a lost endgame.
4. Alan Stokes 0-1 Tudor Rickards
In another Nimzo Indian Alan won a pawn early on and built up a winning position but lost his way in the allegro finish.
5. Paul Bamford 0-1 Geoff Clarke
Once again Paul whipped out his favourite Danish Gambit but Geoff defended carefully and finally exchanged into an equal ending. Paul declined a draw offer and then resigned when he felt the game was drifting away from him.
6. Bill Tait 1-0 Ian Vaughan
We unveiled Bill as our secret weapon on board 6 and he delivered the goods by winning a couple of pawns and then a piece in a Caro Cann.
So another win for ECA but we have Denton B away next Wednesday – yikes!

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