EC C 3, 3Cs 2

Posted on: November 12th, 2011 by Ian Vaughan
This was only the second match for 3Cs in the Stockport League: this keen team deserve their place. Bill notes:
“It was a really friendly club with photos of every World Chess champion on the walls and an impressive cabinet full of silver trophies etc. Tea was on offer on arrival ( no John Willie Lees) and the team played against young but strong competetion.30 mins home – an easy run. Worth giving this young team a go but travel could be awkward on a really bad night (but would it be any worse than Buxton?).”
Ian (er, that would be me) miscalculated and never recovered. Mike won a hard fought French Defence. Andy won and Bill maintained a strong mid game advantage to seal the match.
Edwin writes:
“This was my second match for East Cheshire and roughly my tenth game of chess in the last twenty years. I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge! It has dawned on me that my openings need some serious work as in both matches I have conceded too much ground and played the middle game on the back foot, one piece down. I havemanaged to rally in each game during the middle game and seize the initiative, only to succumb to a foolish move giving away a match winning piece. Either that or I am kidding myself! (Must try harder D-)”

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