C Team 2, Macclesfield B 3.

Posted on: November 27th, 2011 by Ian Vaughan
An outgraded C Team (our average grade 111, theirs 134) lost 2-3 at home to Macclesfield B on 23 November 2011, but with an excellent win by Andy B and draws against strong opposition by Paul (fighting the opponent featured in Tudor’s game vs Macc A (blog, passim)) and Sion.
The scoresheet and grades are:
B1 Paul Bamford (130) 1/2 G Laurence (150) 1/2
B2 Bill Tait (120) 0, R Pomeroy (137) 1,
B3 Sion Howells (110) 1/2, R Murphy (134)1/2,
B4 Andy Buckley (100) 1, A Brough (131) 0
B5 Ian Vaughan (93) 0, A Sime (117) 1.
(Nerd alert: the C Team’s grades are almost an arithmetic progression.)
The return match away, on a Tuesday, will be postponed probably until early January 2012.

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