Black to play and lose

Posted on: March 10th, 2009 by Phil Ramsey

Here is how Tudor won his game last Thursday night. This was the decisive game which won us the match against Holmes Chapel.

Notes by Tudor.

Tudor Rickards v. M Roberts (127).

Here is the position after 30. cxd:

Various tactics left white with not a lot more than a slightly easier position to play in time trouble.

Black decides to simplify. But this left one winning resouce I had been hoping might come into play.

30. … Q xd4 (I expected R xd4)

So what would you play to give yourself the chance of a quick swindle?

31. Qe2 (to appear to threaten a6, although Rd1 looks better …)
31. … Qd6 (Oh, yes, thank you black)
32. Qc4 and wins. Cheap but some credit for trying for the endgame with good B versus poor Kt, and the basic combo working with one pair of rooks off, and Qs still on.

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