Mate in 31!

Posted on: February 5th, 2009 by Phil Ramsey

My run continues. One day soon my bubble will burst but for now I am enjoying the ride. Here is my game from last night…

A Soames (153) vs P Ramsey
Macc. Reds v East Cheshire B

1. d4 Nf6
2. c4 g6
3. g3 Bg7
4. Bg2 O-O
5. Nf3 d6
6. Nc3 Nbd7
7. O-O e5
8. e4 c6
9. Rb1

The above position has been reached over 300 times in master play. However my next move was played in none of them! I guess this means it is either bad or obscure. I thought it was a natural move, allowing Nh5 and f5 with the Knight being protected by the Queen after exf and gxf.

9. … Qe8
10. Re1 Nh5
11. dxe dxe
12. Be3?

Seeing as Black is obviously planning f5 possibly followed by f4 it seems wrong to let him gain a tempo on the bishop when he follows this plan.

12. … f5
13. b4 f4
14. Bc1 fxg

I wanted to open the f file for my rook and make sure my knight on h5 could always go to f4 if he pushed g4.

15. hxg Ndf6

Finally allowing my white bishop to enter the game.

16. Ba3 Bg4
17. Qb3 Nd7

Simply attacking the knight on f3.

18. Re3!?

This allows me to activate my dark bishop but his rook will be well placed on d3.

18. … Bh6
19. Rd3 Be6
20. b5

This uncovers an attack on my rook on f8. After Rf7 I would struggle to double up my queen and rook on the f file. My opponent had used up a lot of time by this point and seemed to be feeling the pressure so I decided to complicate things!

20. … Qf7!?

The pawn on c4 cannot be defended as Nd2 allows me to take on f2.

21. Rxd7 ?!

I think it was better to take on f8. After 21. … Rxf8 Black will win the c4 pawn and has some pressure but things are still unclear.

21. … Bxd7
22. Bxf8 Rxf8
23. c5 Be6
24. Qc2 Qf6
25 bxc bxc
26. Rb7 Bg4!?

This is probably the best move but I hadn’t really considered the response Nh2.

27. Ne1?

Thankfully he played something worse! After 27. Nh2 Be6 28. Rxa7 Nxg3! 29. fxg Be3+ 30. Kh1 Qg5 Black should win but would I have found this in time trouble?

27. … Nxg3!

Finally this knight has its say!

28. fxg3 Be3+
29. Kh2

Black appears to have nothing immediate. Can you spot the killer move?

29. … g5!

29. … Qg5 is equally strong. The check on the h file will be terminal.

30. Bf3 Qh6+
31. Kg2 Qh3++

A nice game and a nice win for East Cheshire B against a strong team.

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