Win by bamboozling your opponent

Posted on: January 9th, 2009 by Phil Ramsey

Here is my win for East Cheshire B vs. Macclesfield Reds.

When the game was adjourned material was equal but I dragged poor Ray over to our place as in the sealed position I could make a passed pawn and he couldn’t.

After about another 20 moves we reached the following position:

My rook is tied to the defense of my pawn on a5 but I decided to give it up as I thought my kingside pawns would be more dangerous than his queenside ones.

1. Re3!
2. Rxa5 Rg3
3. Rb5 Rxg2+
4. Ke1 g4 ?!

This is probably wrong but it certainly surprised Ray and sent him into a bit of a spin!

5. Rf5+ Kg6
6. Rxf4 gxh3
7. Kf1 Rxb2

8. Rxb4 now loses to Rb1+ followed by h2.

8. Kg1 h2+
9. Kh1 Rxb3
10. a5?

10. Rxh4 looks better to me.

10. Kg5

11. Rf2??

I think White is lost after this. He should stay on the 4th rank to either swipe my b pawn or get behind it. He can then advance his a pawn forcing me to give up the b pawn.

11. Ra3
12. Rb2 b3
13. Kxh2 Ra2
14. 0-1

I was just getting into the rhythm of the game’s 4th time scramble when he resigned.

An interesting endgame. I think after 4. … g4 it should have been a draw. It would be interesting to see if it is a Black win after 4. … Rg3 with the idea of getting 3 connected passed pawns. Anyone with Fritz want to see what it thinks?

Feel free to point out any errors in my analysis!


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